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Anti- Termite & Pest Control, Mosquito Fogging, Water Proofing, Sound Proofing, Structural Rodent Control, Steel Fabrication,

Specialist Disinfection Services with a CERTIFIED Virucidal Product

Please consider that to prevent the spread of infection and dangerous diseases, this service is carried out by technicians who do not exhibit any symptoms. They also have protective gear to ensure your safety.

Also, coronavirus disinfection is a service which has 99,99% to remove the germs from all surfaces. But have in mind that it can't protect the disease from spreading, if you have sick people in home or office.

Now you can book professional antiviral sanitization / house sanitizing service for your property to reduce the risks of viral infection, such as COVID-19 / Coronavirus through surface disinfection.

We will send a fully equipped cleaner or team of cleaners to your home or workplace who will treat the risky areas and ensure they are free of dangerous germs. We use independently CERTIFIED detergents in order to eliminate bacteria and pathogens.

So when it's time for your service, please make sure that your cleaner will have full access to the areas and surfaces that need to be treated.


MR FIX IT – The Handyman Service, House repairs


ON CALL - Spot Welding, Flood control, Plumbing, Wiring, Roofing, Painting, Building Demolishing, Carpentry (wood work), Water ponds and fountains, Garden maintenance and many more


Mosquito & Fly Screens, Lobby Chairs, Pantry Cupboards, Staircase Railings, Aluminium Doors & Windows

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